The Golden Band

The Golden Band is the most famous adventuring party in the history of Eden. Their tales are known throughout the land, a set of stories practically every child hears as they grow up. The Golden Band consisted of a Silverbrow Human Crusader of Lyndis by the name of Jorin Eur’Toyan, an Elfen Unarmed Swordsage by the name of Palius Sorfen, a Catfolk Factotem by the name of Marcilee Redclaw, and a Raptorean Swift Hunter by the name of Zaeth Fellwing.

The Golden Band got their name for the first adventure they went on. Each of them were in a village near the Dragon Lands when Jorin received word that his services were needed across the river. The message said the need was dire, so he stood in the village square, shouting out for all to hear that any who wished to prove themselves could join him upon a quest. Thus the other three joined him, setting out across the river. Their destination was the cave of a powerful Golden dragon named Vaelonce. Vaelonce lived within a cave who’s depths she had yet to fully explore. When she laid her eggs something from the depths of the cave appeared and took them. She tried to follow, but the paths grew too small for her to continue. When she changed into another shape and tried again she didn’t have the strength, without her powerful form, to combat the creatures within the cave. Thus she called for a band of heroes to come save her eggs.

Thus the Golden Band arrived, delving deep into the cave until, at last, they reached the chambers of the Vivisectors deep within the Underdark. After battling their way past many of the creatures they finally found themselves within a huge cavern, where one of the creatures – bigger than all the others – awaited them. They defeated it after a long battle, rescuing the eggs and returning them at last to their mother. As part of her reward she gave each of them a golden armband with her mark upon it, forever showing them to be friends of dragonkind.

There seem to be as many stories about the Golden Band as there are people in Eden, but what follows is a list of some of their most popular exploits.

  • Defeated a vampire found on the Isle of Zuvalle that had been enslaving the local populace
  • Discovered a plot by a mad lizardfolk to gain immortality after enslaving an Elfen grove
  • Destroyed an army being created by a mad necromancer
  • Infiltrated deep within No Man’s Land to seek out a Dwarfish treasure that was stolen during the Great War
  • Entered a tournament of duels in Wildtown, being the last four left, and going on to win the tournament.
  • Found the ancient lost city of Gavantus in Lake Imperia

The Golden Band

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