A Brief History of the Continent

Eden was, for many centuries, a forbidding land. Powerful creatures roamed it, and few were strong enough to survive its dangers. Many came to it over the centuries, but all eventually perished before its might. All, that is, but the first Caster King, Bastion Isoradin.

Bastion was a powerful caster who wished to create a new kingdom, a place of peace and prosperity. His own homeland was wracked by constant warfare, a place of great strife, and he wished to create a new place free of such ills. He searched the great libraries of his home, seeking out the perfect location for his new kingdom, and eventually he settled upon Eden as the best place to begin.

Even with his mighty magics, he knew that such an undertaking could not be done alone. For this purpose he gathered about himself a group, not just of the Fair Races of his home continent of Altriv, but also inviting in the Beastly Races of the continent of Vellun. Humans, Dwarfs, Catfolk, and Ibixian – these peoples and more all came together with a common goal of starting a new land of peace and prosperity.

On the 14th of Seconddawn, in the year 1379 of the Modern Era, Bastion and his followers first arrived upon Eden and began creating the grand dynasty which has lead to our long peace. This was not, of course, done without difficulties.

The Monstrous Races were seen within months of arriving upon Eden, though at first these were but glimpses from the distance. Soon, though, the orcs, kobolds, and others of their kind began to approach Bastion and his followers. Communication soon began and, for a number of years, it seemed these new races, apparent natives of this harsh yet beautiful land, might join with Bastion’s ambitions. However, such was not to be.

Six years after first meeting the Monstrous Races hostilities broke out, as a force of Monstrous raiders began to capture settlement after settlement in the southern edge of what was then the limits of the Isoradin Kingdom. Entreaties to the leadership of the Monstrous group proved futile, and soon war was declared. The savagery of the Monstrous Races was unmatched, but eventually the might of Bastion’s magic, as well as the combined forces of the Kingdom, proved victorious.

The Monstrous Races, having shown themselves to be malicious and untrustworthy, were forced to move into what would come to be known as No Man’s Land. Ringed by treacherous mountains, with a terrible desert at one end and treacherous waters at the other, this was forever made the only domain of those who had shown themselves unworthy to take part in Bastion’s grand designs.

Since this unhappy time the Kingdom has prospered, thanks in large part to the great freedoms it allows. The Royal Family passes few decrees, ensuring the basic freedoms and rights of its peoples. Other than that each city is free to be run as it chooses, having only to pay minimal taxes to the Crown as their price of the eternal vigilance which ensures the safety and prosperity of our people, the magical power of the Caster Kings (and, occasionally, Queens) ensuring that our people will be eternally blessed and free from the terror and strife that so plagued the Old World.

The Isoradin Kingdom

The Isoradin Kingdom stretches the entirety of the continent of Eden, except for that which consists of No Man’s Land. The land is vast and varied, but can mainly be broken down into various regions.

The Dragon Lands can be found within the boundaries of the Baskraun region but are not considered truly part of that region due to their independent nature.


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