The Time of Change

Session 1

The first session opened with the party arriving in the town of Sand’s Edge investigating rumors of a powerful caster that survived the Surge. Each of them quickly learned of the street where the caster had supposedly been seen and rushed out to find.

While investigating what was happening upon the street each of them encountered a young woman who offered to tell them their fortune, for one reason or another. Each of them ended up drawing a card from the deck she proffered to them, but the young woman ran away before telling any of their fortunes.

After quickly establishing that the caster was gone, the members soon learned that a Royal Agent was investigating a nearby building. It was at this point that dusk fully set in and the town suddenly found itself under attack. A group of Monstrous Races poured out of a nearby building, attacking the group before being repelled by them, a number of guards, and the Royal Agent himself.


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